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USA to China and Others - WE ARE ONE - Doklam Standoff

Views: 8 | | 2017-Jul-12

In the beginning of the Malabar tri-nation Naval Exercise, USA sent a strong signal to China stating India is not alone and that we are united.

In a recent standoff between Indian and Chinese army at Sikkim's Doklam region, Chinese troops destroyed many Indian bunkers and tried to eliminate Indian forces out of that region. Doklam is a tri-junction between Indian, China and Bhutan, it is a disputed territory between Bhutan and China. Unlike China and Bhutan, India doesn't have any claims over this territory but it supports Bhutan's claim on Doklam.

China wanted to construct a road from Yadong to Doklam, resulted in the military standoff between India and China.

PM Narendra Modi wanted to register India's protest against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passing through Pakistan-administered Kashmir, on which New Delhi wishes to wield a veto -- at least till Pakistan agrees to make the Line of Control an international boundary. 

On the issue of LoAC (Line of Actual Control), China's position has shifted from a possible formula for the solution to one that can not be docile or manageable. The middle region of the LoAC is currently a settled fact, to make it official boundary and to show that there is been some progress in the conversion of LoAC to an International boundary through the joint working group (JWG) got halted because Beijing refused to share the map demarcating the line.

Indian army is for a reason in Doklam on the behalf of Bhutan, in a 1949 treaty between Bhutan and India, Bhutan agreed to let India control its foreign policy and defense affairs, later on in year 2007 the treat got replaced by a new Friendship treaty that constituted the provision that made it mandatory for Bhutan to take India's guidance on foreign policy with broader sovereignty and not require Bhutan to obtain India's permission over arms imports. And that's why Indian troops are in Doklam.

Similarly in a recent Chinese media report it is being said that a third country's army could enter Kashmir on the behalf of Pakistan if the latter wishes.

The 21st edition of Malabar Naval war exercise is being organised between India, USA and Japan from 10th of July 2017 till 17th of July 2017 in the Indian Ocean. In this exercise, the trio's most powerful and modern Naval aircraft carriers are going to participate which are India's INS Vikramaditya, Japan's JS Izumo and USA's Nimitz (the world’s largest carrier). On 10th July a participating US Naval officer in a press conference said that "this exercise is a signal to China that we are United", while the officer refused to tell his names for security purposes.

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