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Views: 2 | | 2018-Mar-28

People like BUDDHA, SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, ADI SHANKARACHARYA have understood this game. You can also understand.


In a video game the main character is the only character around which story of the game revolves. In your life whatever happens matters to you most. Your choices becomes your life , whatever is the choice that you make u you the only person who would bear the consequences. This is a very important thing since it gives u the characteristic of a game's main character. But their is one more thing i.e when the main character looses game is over.

In this life it might appear that when a person dies , its just like as if someone has disappeared . it makes you difficult to think as a main character because u could also be that dead person and game is still going. your younger brother would still go to the college, would still get married, your boss would still be the most bad-ass boss in the world but of-course no more for you. but where are you? thats the question we should be looking at.

This was the way we usually put things ,but let me put it this way. Suppose one fine sunday you are going for a walk in a beautiful green park after having a delicious breakfast, on the way you saw a smooth white rock, you sat on it , you started thinking. you thought about the fight which you had yesterday with your mom, you realized you could have not said those things, so you decided to apologies when you are home but at the same moment a snake appeared, somewhere from the bush and it bite you, you cried for help but since no one was there ,you died.

Now just think from your point of view, don't think your mom would be crying , your girlfriend would be hooking up with your rival , just think as you breathe now in this very moment. If you are breathing then only the bus, the car , people, your mom, your girlfriend, your boss, your friends , your pet etc are existing. isn't it?

It is hard to understand at once so lets try again. suppose their is this one person X whom we all have in our life in different roles, he is somebody's friend , somebody's son, somebody's husband, somebody's brother, pick anyone of them and X is related to u that way. Now let X die. What is the difference that his death is going to make? No difference at all. What is the impact? The only impact is the sense of detachment, as if you have lost something, that will result in pain but the degree of pain is due to the degree of attachment. The more closely u were related the more it pains. But why were you attached? . because you thought it to be real.

No relation, no possession, no emotion, no love, no attachment, no hate , no materialistic thing is real. everything is just the illusion of mind. If you experience thing and say oh its real i can see it. i will ask you can you feel it, you will say yes there are things that i can feel by my touch.Then i will ask you what are the modes through which you experience? you'll say my senses . BUT if i m not wrong you are trying to believe the experience of sense based reality where u r experiencing an unreal thing with an unreal thing itself. experiencing illusion with an illusion makes u believe its true. When this illusion will fall apart?

When you will get a real mode of experience. So we have to change our mode of experience. We must not believe the senses. believing senses is stopping us from the truth. If you are saying its illogical, then tell me why we are here? why  we are even breathing? if somebody has not made us, if we have no meaning , why we are not like other creatures, why we cannot just eat and sleep? why do we have the power to question our existence?

It is all a game. Game where the task is to find who am i?. If you can find it you will find everything, Nothing will be hidden from you, you will have no suffering, you will have no questions, you will have ultimate peace, you will have ultimate knowledge.

There is absolutely nothing in this world that can hold us forever, one day the whole humanity will experience the truth. In my next post i will talk about some rules and patterns of this game which would give us the direction in which we have to focus.

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mishra mohit

Nice Post.... :)