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Debate - Is BJP the responsible for increase in communal violence after 2014?

Views: 9 | | 2017-Jun-27

Is BJP trying to use the Britisher's secret policy for ruling over India i.e. divide and rule?

In the past 3 years, we have seen a rapid increase in communal violences in India being reported especially from BJP ruled states. And the fresh example is of a 15 year old Faridabad's musilm boy, and the evergreen unrest in Jammu & Kashmir where the so called development friendly BJP is ruling in coalition with PDP.

Be it J & K where some coward Muslims attack and pelt stones on our brave army OR Faridabad where some not so humans Hindus murdered a 15 year old boy and threatened his friends. Such incidents have been increased right after the PM Narendra Modi led BJP got in power in center and the same party in the states.

The Gaurakshaks whom even Prime Minister had criticized are not in control of the State government where BJP rules, and ironically these Gaurakshaks are not so active in the states where NDA/BJP is not in power. Some Gaurakshaks are acting like terrorists in the name cows and defaming many other people who work for the welfare of the holy cows.

Had BJP failed to provide security to our army and police as well as the civilians? As an army personnel is being murdered by a mob in the valley and on the other hand, a civilian teenager is being murdered by a mob in not so far from the National Capital Delhi.

So, guyz, do you think that behind such violence and unrests, the BJP is there? And why?

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