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EasyPaper is an online collaborative blogging platform where people can also promote their videos and blogs and picture from external websites. The website pays the authors for writing blogs based on the popularity and pageviews their content receives over time. The primary motive of the website is to facilitate people to write blogs, create debates and promote their stuffs. While the users are free to write about anything, there are certain limitations too, please refer to our TERMS & CONDITIONS page or the NEW DOCUMENT page where they can compose the articles, to see such limitations. The amount of money the user gets paid depends on a number of factors of which most of them are confidential. One factor which decides the amout of payment user recieves is the topic about which their content is and the amout on pageviews and comments it recieves, for example a content related to Politics or Social issues revieves the highest bonus payment.

EasyPaper is designed and built by our CEO and founder MOHIT MISHRA. To connect directly with him you can contact him on twitter.