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We believe in rewarding every eligible user who writes quality content on our platform. In order to earn money you should comply with the following policies:

  1. The points shown on your public profile are nearly equivalent to the amount of USD(US $) you have earned.
  2. The amout of money you have earned and the amount of money you get paid may differ based on many unexposable factors. DO your best to comply with our policies and standards to minimise this difference.
  3. Only after reaching a threshhold of 200USD you will be paid.
  4. Currently we only pay the users via PayPal, so provide us only correct and accessible(by you) PayPal details as asked. If ever your money gets transferred in someone else' account because of you providing incorrect details, we'll not pay that money again to you in different PayPal account.
  5. For every 2000 unique and natural pageviews on your post, you'll earn 1USD(excluding other factors).
  6. Increasing pageviews through bots, softwares and any other such means will apparently decrease your earnings at the time of initiation of payment process.
  7. If your post is a debate, for every 1500 comments including those of facebook plugin wil earn your 1USD(excluding other factors).
  8. These policies may change ever in future and we'll try to notify you about it. You automatically adhere to those possible changes.
  9. Payments will be made after this platform gets more than 10,000 users and starts making profits. So you may help us reach to more people.
  10. Sending payments to you is the sole decision of us and we may in the rarest case cancel payment of any user.